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How to Create a Seamless Background for Your Website

A seamless background is one where you cannot tell where the background begins or ends. Creating one for your website is easy to accomplish in Paint Shop Pro.


Creating the Seamless Background:

  1. Go to Paint Shop Pro and open the background image you want to use on your web page.
    Use the Selection tool to select the area you want to turn into a seamless background on your web page.
  2. Use the "Selection" tool to select the area of your image, which will be turned into a seamless pattern.

  3. Choose "Selections" and "Convert to Seamless Pattern" from the toolbar. Paint Shop Pro will create the background for you.
    Seamless pattern for your web page
  4. Select "File" and "Save" from the toolbar and save your pattern as a JPG or GIF.


Adding the Background Code to Your Web Page:

  1. Use a web editor to open the HTML file where the seamless background will be used.

  2. Replace the <BODY> tag with the following HTML code. Then change "image-name.gif" to the actual name of the image file:

    <BODY background="image-name.gif">

  3. To use the background in a table on your website instead, add the following HTML code:

    <table background="image-name.gif">
    <td>Some content within the table...</td>

  4. Save the HTML file. Then upload it and your background image to the web server.

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