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How to Compare Similar Fonts and Formatting in Microsoft Word

Do you need to compare the fonts, formatting, or styles within a large document? Comparing them manually can be tedious. You can use the Reveal Formatting task pane to find any differences you may have missed. If there are no differences between text, paragraphs or lines, Word will show that too.


  1. Go to the document you want to compare in Word 2007.

  2. Click the "Home" tab in the ribbon. Then click the button below the "Styles" group to expand it.

  3. Select the "Style Inspector" icon in the "Styles" task pane.

  4. Click the "Reveal Formatting" button to open the "Reveal Formatting" task pane on the right.

  5. Select the first text, line or paragraph you want to compare. The font and/or format used for that text will be displayed in the task pane below "Selected text."

  6. Checkmark "Compare to another selection" in the task pane. Then select the second text you want to compare in your document.

  7. Check the "Formatting differences" section in the task pane for any differences. If both selections are the same, the description will read "No formatting differences."

  8. Click the arrow beside the second selection to give it the same formatting as the first selection. Then choose "Apply Formatting of Original Selection."

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