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Resources :: Web Hosting Tips

Whether you've just finished designing your website or are just getting started, our web hosting tips can get you to the next level. If the whole talk about web hosting confuses you, don't worry. It's pretty simple.

There are basically two things you'll need before you publish your website files to the web.

They are a domain name and web hosting account. You can purchase both together or separately.

About Domain Names

Your domain name is the name you've decided to use for your business on the Internet (ex., http:///

Here are some general tips you can follow when you register your domain name:
  • Keep your domain name short (if possible), or use an acronym if your business name is too long.
  • Try sticking with the same name as your business, so people can identify you on the web.
  • If the domain name you want is popular and available, register it as soon as possible. The popular ones go fast!


About Web Hosting

Think of web hosting as renting an apartment (space) on the Internet for a set period of time. You can decide to pay your rent (hosting fees) monthly, quarterly, yearly, or for multiple years. Some hosting companies will reward you for paying annually by giving you a discount. If you can afford it, go for it.

Although you don't have to purchase your domain name and hosting plan from the same company, a lot of hosting providers encourage it.

If you choose to purchase your hosting plan from a different company, you can point to your domain name. If you're not familiar with pointing a domain name, your hosting provider may be able to help you.

When you sign up for web hosting, your provider will supply you with your login information (by email), so you can access your control panel and publish your files later. Keep the details in a secure location that's easy to remember.

Once your website is complete, simply log in to your account and publish your files from the control panel. On the other hand, you may use an FTP client program, such as FileZilla, to publish your web files as well.

Need some direction finding a dependable web hosting provider? Check out our web hosting reviews.

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